Secondary School Staff

Steve Smith 

Director of Athletics &Physical Education


Angel Hardy

Assistant Director of High School Athletics & Physical Education


Dave Smith

Assistant Director of Middle School Athletics & Physical Education

Kathleen Swartz

Assistant to the Director of Athletics & Physical Education


Amy Robinson BS, ATC

Head Athletic Trainer


Alex Barkouras

Physical Education Teacher & Strength & Conditioning Coach


Ryan Duncan

CPR & First Aid Instructor

Volleyball Coordinator & Coach


Elementary School Staff

Michael "Mike" Smith

Physical Education Department Chair


Brian Glucksman

Physical Education Teacher


Melanie Thomas

Physical Education Teacher





Sound mind. Sound body. Sound character.


The Athletics program complements Oakwood School's rigorous college preparatory program with an extensive offering of highly competitive team sports, providing students the opportunity to develop mind, body, and character for themselves, their teams, and their school.

From the novice to the college-bound athlete, Oakwood offers umparalleled opportunity and excellence.

Nearly 80 percent of the high school student body is in at least one sport. Athletes, coaches, and parents together strive to develop a commitment to their team, and the courage to try and give their best effort. Athletics allow our students to practice graciousness, respect, and honesty for their teammates, competitors, coaches, and officials. All the while, they continue to learn the importance of "sound body, sound mind," with physical conditioning and nutrition.


Oakwood teams and athletes have reached the highest levels of competition from Southern California regionals to state championships all while abiding by our longstanding commitment toward being your best, accepting responsibility, putting team first and behaving with sportsmanship.

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